Monday, November 21, 2016

Review: Naughty or Nice by Jessie Logan

This is a sizzling little collection of stories that straddles the line between romantic erotica and erotic romance. Every tale in the bunch delivers a flame-broiled, mouth-watering feast of sensuality wrapped in cunningly conceived plot, with the overall balance between those two elements tipped faintly toward the heart or head in some cases ... and toward the more southerly organs in others.

Throughout the volume, author Jessie Logan spins up enticing situations, distinctive characters, and huge heapings of contagious lust, then brings things to both kinds of satisfying climax. For me, the most enjoyable three were the title story and two Santa-themed tales, "Just Like Santa," and "Secret Santa." All three had excellent story payoff without sacrificing any libidinous heat.

Two other stories intrigued me for more cerebral reasons. "Home For Christmas" receives most of its drive from a raw appreciation of masculinity that registered with me abstractly but not instinctually. "The Mysteries of Faith," meanwhile, targets the bond between lifelong female friends in a way that I as a man may be under-equipped to respond to. I'd be really interested to know whether these two stories resonate more powerfully with female readers than they did with me.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" struck me as just a bit of good, clean (dirty) fun, perhaps the most straightforward and least ambitious in storytelling terms but very pure in its eroticism as a result.

Overall: if you're looking for some holiday-themed sauciness, check this one out. Logan definitely has the writing chops to deliver.

Naughty or NiceNaughty or Nice
by Jessie Logan
Genre: Erotic Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: November 5, 2016
Satisfy your cravings with these 6 flirty, dirty, and decadently more-ish short Holiday treats.

Naughty or Nice (M/F)
When twelve days of Christmas giving doesn't help Lily gain her co-worker's attention, maybe an outrageously sexy gift will.

Just Like Santa (F/F)
A school teacher finds some scandalous holiday satisfaction with her student's aunt and her willing friends.

Baby, It's Cold Outside (M/F)
Stranded in a blizzard with a younger man, what's a red-blooded woman to do except turn up the heat?

Home For Christmas (M/F)
A poignant reunion between husband and wife with a surprise in store...

The Mysteries of Faith (F/F)
What happens when your best friend marries the man of her dreams, when only days ago she was in your bed?

Secret Santa (M/F)
Sophie's Secret Santa gift has some unexpected and exciting consequences ... the type of delicious consequences that'd see a girl permanently on Santa's naughty list.
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Jessie LoganAbout the Author:
Jessie Logan is the pen name of a USA Today bestselling romance author. She adores writing dirty, flirty stories with a touch of humor and heart. Romance is her way to blow off steam and escape for a little while with a scorching-hot hero.

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